Thursday, 28 November 2013

Aigner Pour Homme Blue Emotion Etienne Aigner for Men

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Helo! ;)

One of the best feeling for a perfume lovers is when we are able to find an underrated hidden gems, something that smells so good but most of the time ignored by others because lack of hype or ads surrounding it. Probably one of the better fresh aromatic perfume that is available in the market but most of time went overlooked, is Etienne Aigner Pour Homme Blue Emotion.

This fragrance is a complete standout against the current floods of aquatic freshness of mainstream brands, and like most Aigner for men, lately it most often overlooked and ignored by the masses in favour of more well known brands.

Upon the initial spray you'll immediately notice a hint of fresh violet leaf, lavender and lemon. It's just so fresh but don't give something that really 'wow', up until you wait for few minutes. The scent would start to changed into something entirely different when the spices start to come and introduce themselves. Coriander and Cardamom would sparkle and gave colours to the freshness and with slight hint of jasmine makes this fragrance smells so unique. 


This is a few fragrance that would draw compliment fairly instant from both men and women, it's hard to dislike this scent! very versatile for day use, not offensive at all and undoubtly something that can get you admiration from others, very valuable offer from the house of Aigner. The plus side, like most Aigner it's fairly cheap compared to other brands in similar class like Hugo Boss or Gucci. Talk about best bang for the bucks, here's one of your best card! ;)




0 Has Left Their Precious Comments:

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