Friday, 22 November 2013


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Hi u olss, 

Since I've started to sell perfumes (Original Reject/AAA Sephora Dubai), and still in progress to classify them all, in the meantime i think it would be good if I share to you - the FACTS of Original Rejected Perfumes :))

 Rejects can occur in the factory and also during or after sale

some of original reject perfumes stock that are available in my shop

Rejects can occur in the factory and also during or after sale:


After shipping reject is one of the common rejects for all products. In most cases, it will only effect the packing (box) but not the bottle. Since people won’t buy any defect items at the counters as customers only demand for the perfect item even with the box, this rejected item will end up at the warehouse. Another reason why our products have no boxes...


It would be impossible to produce products without reject. Most company (factory) only achieve 99.8% yield (output) where 0.2% is rejected e.g. 99.8% x 1000000 = 998000 bottles. The rest are rejected (2000 bottle). Why they are rejected? It could be scratches, wrong label printingwrong branding etc. These reject will never be thrown away. They have their own vendor for disposal. Since there are so many manufacturers for brand of perfumes, it will be enough for people like us to trade them... Factory reject outlet is no longer strangers among us anymore. Their stores are everywhere. Nike, Levis, Ralph Lauren and lots more branded items are selling there. Are they selling fake item? No, they are original and customer has no doubt at all. But it had been sold with lower price as they are rejected...

The most important point is REJECTS ARE NOT FAKE. They are original but the qualities are slightly lower. Not quality of the perfume but only the surface or physical part of it, mostly the bottles. For those who have my perfume, I believe you do understand what I’m trying to say here… and lots of thanks for being so supportive. ;)


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