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Kenapa Perfumes Original Reject Wujud?

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Hello Charming Dolls ;)

Bila dengar perkataan 'Reject', biasanya apa yang korang akan fikir? Most of the time, kita akan assume bahawa yang 'reject' ni means 'haaa.. mesti ada sesuatu yang tak baik..' about the thing. Mesti akan terfikir juga, 'Tak nak la yang reject... Nak yg perfect, yang masih lawa..'... SAD. Sebab bila kita sendiri yg dilabel 'rejected', apa pula yang kita akan rasa.. Mesti kita SAD kan.. hehe.. So, kita kena ubah sikit that perception. Nothing's perfect, and rejected doesn't mean it's totally a trash! If trashes, kenapa ada 'Reject Shop', kan? But now, saya nak talk ttg Original Perfumes Rejected ni. Yes, on that question - Kenapa Perfumes Original Reject Wujud? ;)

Why Rejected? Why Rejected? Why Rejected Original Perfume?

First of all, and fyi, I'm selling Rejected Original Perfume from wide range of world brand. All perfume sell are 100% guaranteed original. Brand new original! Cheaper than counter! Up to 40% discount!

Listed down are the Facts that you should know about rejected perfume! Not all rejects are done in the factory plant itself but may also occur after sale.

Reminder: Rejected perfumes are not coming with box :)

Fact 1:
All rejected perfume that made by outside Malaysia are not coming with box. All box were made in Malaysia including the non rejected perfume. Rejected perfume which coming with box is fake!

Fact 2: 
After shipping reject - After shipping reject is one of the common rejects for all products. This type of reject mostly only effect for the packaging box but not the bottle. So they will be return to the warehouse because people wont buy any defect items at the counters. Customers only demand for the perfect item even with the box. Thats why most of my products have no boxes because they are damaged.

Fact 3:
Factory reject - It would be impossible to produce products wihout reject. Most company (factory) only achive 99.8% yield (output) where 0.2% is rejected. e.g 99.8% x 1000000 = 998000 bottle. The rest is rejected (2000 bottle). Why they are rejected? maybe scratches, wrong branding, or etc. These rejects are not thrown away. They have their own vendor for disposal.

Have you guys went to Jalan Pasar? Did you found electronic devices there? They are not fake item but same way with the perfumes, rejected - for your guys info, there are many manufacturer for a brand of perfume. e.g EL Pleasure, if you guys have some time just go and find out at the counters, you will see some are made in Switzerland and UK. Let say 2000 bottles from UK and 2000 bottles from Swiss are rejected. It will be enough for people like us to trade them.

Rejected, yet aunthentic ;)

You may also compare perfumes with other products, e.g. Adidas shirt. Last time they are made in US, but lately you will see they are made in Indo, China, Thaiand, even Malaysia. Perfumes are also manufactured in many countries. More example, have you guys went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju? If not, you may try to go there, you will find a Levi's booth. All are original Levi's which had been rejected, are they fake? NO, they are original. People have no doubt at all, but it had been sold with lower price as they are rejected.

Fact 4:
Expiry - After quite some times perfumes also will expired. Let say for 1 batch is valid for 8 month. If it wont be cleared it will be return to where it came from; (have you guys seen High 5, where people took back the expired buns? same way with the perfumes). Then manufacturer will reduce the output base on the sale demand, but the different is perfumes is still in good condition even after the date line unlike buns which will have fungus grows on it. It only expired base on spec because they are not updated.

When I was still a student (USM, Penang), this used to be one of my favorite place for shopping. branded items at lower price. why not? hehe..

Another example are tyres, people always proud buying new tyres at so much lower price. But do they know that some tyres are sold at super low price because they are expired even they are unused. Just have a check at your tyres. You will see 4 numbers endorsed there. e.g 2305, meaning is the tyre is produced from year 2005 on the 23rd week of the year. We are not expert about tyres but let say the expiry is 1 year after manufactured. So some people will trade them at the lower price because they are expired. But they are not fake.

So dearies,

The point here is REJECTS ARE NOT FAKE ya. They are also original but the quality is lower. Not quality of the perfume but only bottles or boxes. I'M SELLING THE ORIGINAL REJECT ONE WITHOUT BOX. REMEMBER, THERE ARE NO REJECTED PERFUME COMING WITH BOX. ;)

See ya again in next's update! ;)


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